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Previous medical histories regarding heart disease, allergies also need to be taken into account. You’re going to find insane cognitive benefits from both Modafinil and Armodafinil. Prior to this recommendation the major limitation for utilization of modafinil within different countries was related to the availability and price of the compound. This recommendation has the potential to adversely affect our ability to use of one of the few efficient and safe drugs available for the treatment of narcolepsy in children and adolescents. The drug is well known for its very few side effects after use, which are not life threatening.

Modafinil has therefore emerged out to remedy the situation for many sprinters who experience these sleep cycle abnormalities with very few side effects attached. Note that the drug is fully contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases because it will further worsen the situation leading to medical emergencies. The drug is used for increasing wakefulness and daytime alertness in people who experience excessive sleepiness during the day, either due to narcolepsy or due to a syndrome called obstructive sleep apnoea. Nowadays, millions of people buy Modafinil online to give themselves the edge needed to get better grades, make more money, or climb the corporate ladder. Interestingly, 75% Modafinil off-label are now being used to treat ADHD, mood disorders and Nuvigil also is starting to penetrate the ADHD market though Provigil remains the popular choice.

It can work well in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, and bipolar depression. That’s probably why you want to learn more about the world’s most popular smart drugs too. This was the beginning of the smart drug craze. Try both smart drugs and see which one you like better - if you have the funds.

In comparison, it is expected for armodafinil dose of 150 mg per day give the same effects as 200 mg per day of modafinil. Have a nice day. Safety and efficacy of modafinil use in children 17 years old and younger have not been established. Track and field athletes were taking Modafinil as a performance enhancer in 2003 (Source).